The Weiner Component V.2 #26 – Responding To Your Enquiries

This article originally appeared as #114.  It was and is an attempt to respond to all the comments I get asking for a reply.


You must forgive me for not responding to the many enquiries I receive from you.  Generally I get a large number of responses to my blogs every day.  This includes both actual responses and assorted ads.  Of the messages a number are requesting some sort of reply.  If I answered all of them I wouldn’t have time to write a blog.  My purpose here is to respond to most of your enquiries.


The blog system I am using is WordPress.  Several years ago I finished an EBook that is currently available on “” for a small fee. Some of you have berated the fact that I do not have a contribution box on my blog.  If anyone wishes to contribute some money to me they can download my book, “Economics in the 21st Century.”  It is priced under $10.00 and it is an analysis of economic conditions and possibilities in the 21st Century.


Many of you have asked if I do a newsletter.  The answer is no.  I publish generally one blog a week, usually on Sunday.  If anyone wishes to get in touch with me my email address is: “”  As much as possible I will attempt to answer your emails but I cannot guarantee how soon this will be as writing a blog takes quite a bit of time and energy.  Making an article look simple and natural requires quite a bit of revising.


Occasionally I get comments that there are numerous spelling errors in the blog.  The articles when published have none.  If they do exist then hackers have gotten into the article.  I am also continually asked about spam, how to get rid of it.  Within the last month advertisers seem to have largely dropped me.  I would suspect that eventually if you persist with your blogs most advertisers will get tired of sending you their ads.


I am not overly sophisticated in computer technology.  After I had completed my E-book I hired someone for a moderate fee to prepare and publish the book on and to set me up with a blog.  If you wish to set up your own blog or otherwise need technical aid he can be reached at: ””  For a reasonable fee he can set you up with your own blog or whatever.


Some of you have commented that the blog loads quickly and a few have stated that it does this slowly.  I would assume that in the latter case it has to do with whatever program you’re down loading onto.  I’ve also gotten a number of comments that it loads badly onto Internet Explorer, running off the page.  I would recommend that you use other programs.


Some of you have asked about a plug-in which you would like to use to avoid hackers.  If anyone finds one I’m sure he can sell it for a great deal of money to Sony and probably also to the U.S. Government.  If you’ve lost text or whatever on your blogs I would suggest you initially use a program like “word” and then copy it onto your blog.  That way you always have a copy of what you’ve produced.


I have received at least several hundred offers to either guest write blogs or offers from those who would like to guest write articles for my blog.  While, I’m sure, these are well intended it would take too much time to deal with.  Also I am not an editor but an author.  I write about with what strikes me as pertinent at any particular time.


Some of you have complained that when requesting an Email you get four similar responses.  I have had the same problem in other instances.  I am not technically savvy to know how to solve it.


I understand my blog can be found on Google, Yahoo News, Twitter, and other services.  I assume these people pick up and transmit articles they believe will be of use to their readers.


I can always be contacted through the “Comment Section” at the bottom of the blog.  WordPress lists all Comments and I also receive the message as an Email.


You should easily be able to get to my blogs by typing in: “”.  A number of Bernard Weiners will come up.  I am the one that’s listed as: author, historian, and economist.  That should bring up my latest blog.  If you then click “Home” toward the top of the page you will go to the current article followed by a number of recent blogs that can be read at the same time.


On the top of the first page there is a short biography in the “About Me” section and a quick synopsis of my book, “Economics in the 21st Century.”  In the “My Book” section in addition there are a number of recent blogs listed.  At this point I’ve published well over 200 articles during the last four or five years.  The last ten are listed in reverse order on this page.


A number of enquiries ask for permission to quote articles or sections of articles.  Nothing here is copyrighted.  The articles are written to present my interpretation of much of society.  Feel free to use any blog(s) or part(s) of any blog that you feel would be useful to you or your friends.


Writing is work.  It requires thought and time.  The article must be written and generally revised.  I find the process very worthwhile because it requires thinking a subject through from different aspects.  It generally gives the author a level of understanding that he did not have before he wrote the article.


I generally tend to be about two or three weeks ahead with my blog articles and usually publish them in the order in which they are written.


I have been asked about Message Boards where numerous people can respond to a particular issue.  If any of you is interested he/she can start one up.  I’m sure the person I’ve listed above can set one up for you.


Many people have complained that the articles are too short and would like me to write more on the topic.  If anyone wants more information on any particular topic they can easily look it up on the internet.  There is here endless information that can be picked up.


An occasional comment mentions videos that some of the blogs contain.  I have never included any videos in my blogs.  These would be the result of hackers who are attempting to improve or do otherwise to a blog.


I have been asked numerous times if I could recommend other similar blogs. I am sure there are some out there but I have not spent any time looking.  Most of my information come from synthesizing information from the local news media and from some research on the internet.  Lot of information is out there but in many cases it has to be pieced together.