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Economics In the 21st Century

Economics In the 21st Century

Just published on Amazon Kindle my new book “Economics in the 21st Century“.

The underlying theme of the work, Economics in the 21st Century, is that society has reached a point where our current economic system has become obsolete.  We have technologically and economically grown beyond it.  This volume is an analysis of the major issues of the time demonstrating that most of the economic problems engendered are caused by  economic greed within the power structure and that these dilemmas can be easily solved by the various national governments involved.

It begins with an examination of the Real Estate Boom and Bust of 2008 concluding that the funds generated by the banks during the Boom were needed for natural growth within the industrial economy but that their creation was falsely based upon real estate, which by 2007 had reached a point of insane exploitation of the property owners and investors by the financial institutions.  This bank creation of new money should have been generated by the Federal Reserve.  If it had been the economic growth would have been controlled, sane, and continuous.  There would have been no “bust;” just slightly slower economic growth.

The book examines the real estate growth and concludes that it filled an economic void, and then presents a new economic model: the National Cash Flow, demonstrating how its extent affects the economy.  Money and international trade are examined.  Macroeconomics, microeconomics, and the business cycle are considered; and the question of who is responsible for what happened in the society.  The National Debt is looked at in terms of who mostly owns the debt.  The work examines historical economic development and change.   Patterns of change, China, contradictions, and confusions are looked into.  The question of responsibility, Vulture Capitalism, Robber Barons, and government regulation are dealt with.  The issue of modern day ownership is questioned and the behavior of banks and their banking practices are examined.  The rapid redistribution of money upward in the economy during the last decade is considered.  The work concludes with a demonstration of the need for a macro interpretation of economics in the 21st Century and with a strong suggestion that overall economic control be given to the Federal Reserve.

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~Bernard Weiner

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